Diagnosing and Treating Upper Respiratory Disorders

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Diagnosing and Treating Upper Respiratory Disorders

The 2nd in a series of four classes:

The Treatment Upper Respiratory Disorders with Chinese Herbology: Colds, Flu, Sinusitis and Cough.

This program is designed to clarify your diagnostic process and create comfort selecting and modifying formulas.

Emphasizing visual and inquiry-based diagnosis, this weekend program will cover the management of colds and flu, acute and chronic cough, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and cough. 

Shang Han and Wen Bing Theory will be reviewed as well as the pathogenesis of phlegm. By directing your inquiry, you can reach a clear diagnosis, select and modify the formula that matches your patient’s exact presentation. Case and formula discussions throughout. Case management and retained pathogens discussed.

Students will understand the nature, progression and resolution of exterior pathogens.

Students will gain knowledge of various presentations and treatment of phlegm in upper respiratory disorders.

Students will strengthen their verbal intake skills to refine their diagnosis.

Students will gain mastery of mixed excessive and deficient patterns concerning these diseases.

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