Gynecology Pearls

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Treating Respiratory Disorders

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Resolving Digestive Complaints

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Gynecology Pearls

Gynecology Pearls. December 4th and 5th, 2021

This final weekend will refine and clarify your capacity to understand and treat gynecological complaints. First reviewing female physiology and how that appears on a basal body temperature chart, we’ll visit Cara’s favorite historical physicians. You’ll learn to assess key facial features to help you to accurately diagnose and treat a range of menstrual conditions: Irregular and painful menses, PCOS, PMS, breast disorders, beng-luo, menopause and more.

We'll review female physiology: the Tian Gui, Bao Mai, Bao Luo and Extraordinary Channels. Learn to interpret basal body temperature charts according to Chinese medical patterns

Gain an appreciation for the wisdom of Fu Qing Zhu and Xue Ji

Learn to assess the face, lips and tongue to identify patterns Students will learn to treat common and complex gynecological complaints including Irregular Menses, Jing Bi- Menstrual Block, PCOS, dysmenorrhea, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding- Beng Lou, Abdominal Masses: cysts and myomas

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