Build a Resilient Practice with
Herbal Telehealth

The Mastering Clinical Herbology in the Age of Telehealth Course gives you the confidence to grow a successful herbal practice from anywhere.


Master Chinese Herbal Medicine
Serve a Wider Community

Most acupuncturists failed to use their greatest
asset to thrive during the pandemic.

The pandemic confronted practitioners with a harsh reality: Acupuncture is a physical medicine that requires one-on-one care. Without skills that easily translate to telehealth, many acupuncturists suffered severe economic losses. Some even closed their practices.

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine is the most reliable asset to future-proof your acupuncture practice.
  • How different would this past year have been if you knew how to smoothly transition your practice to herbal telehealth? 
  • The good news is that East Asian herbal medicine is already telehealth-ready! In fact, we can’t afford not to translate our herbal knowledge and skill set to an online offering.
  • Even as offices re-open, intakes on Telehealth is the most dependable way to have conduct intakes thoughtfully. 

Telehealth is here to stay. You need to expand your toolbox to 
successfully work with patients online.

Our course teaches you how to diversify and protect your practice with
strong herbal Telehealth skills.


Your Path

Join the course.

Develop mastery and confidence in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Grow a successful and resilient practice.


Why Telehealth?

To Give Your Practice Options. 

You deserve to have the confidence to build a healthy practice - and this means having options to pivot when the world turns on its head. 

For me, the coronavirus pandemic was clarifying. It forced me to focus on the infrastructure of my acupuncture practice and, at the same time, keep up with a huge increase in demand at China Herb Co.

After the crush of orders, infrastructure improvements, and grant applications, I had time to pull back and reflect. I had, as they say, a moment of clarity. 

I realized that my practice, Six Fishes, was one of the lucky ones. We easily pivoted into telehealth, largely because of our strength as herbalists.

Yet so many others, with 2+ years of herbal training and hundreds of clinical hours, lacked the confidence in themselves to successfully manage patients with Chinese Herbal Formulas.

Most acupuncturists failed to use their greatest asset to thrive during the pandemic. In a time when our investment in an herbal education could have paid off enormously, so many acupuncturists shied away. 

They felt unable to translate these valuable skills to telehealth and their practices suffered. It was painful for me to see so many talented practitioners struggle during this time. 

I believe that every practitioner deserves the confidence to build a robust, pandemic-proof practice so they can continue to serve their community. To help, I’ve pulled on my decades of clinical, teaching and practical business experience to bring you a way to pandemic-proof your practice and help more people with the power of herbal medicine. 

I created China Herb Seminars to guide you to becoming a confident and effective herbalist. I’ll walk you through a tried-and-true method for mastering herbal medicine and applying your knowledge to patients - in-office or online. 


If there’s one profession that gets better with time and experience, it’s Chinese Medicine. But when the world suddenly changes, you don’t have decades to figure it all out yourself.

Cara Frank created the Mastering Clinical Herbology in the Age of Telehealth Course to share her vast herbal experience and guide you to becoming a more confident, effective practitioner.

Cara-photoHi, I’m Cara, an acupuncturist, herbalist, author and founder of China Herb Co. I’m here to help you succeed in our new clinical reality: Telehealth. I believe that every practitioner deserves the confidence to build a robust, pandemic-proof practice so they can continue to serve their community. The skills and resources I'll be sharing aren't limited to Teleheath. They'll boost your clinical skills online and in your practice 

In my new mentorship program, we’ll use history, humor, and valuable clinical and teaching pearls from the past 40 years to help you grow a confident, successful herbal telehealth practice. I plan to generously share all the knowledge I've accumulated over 40 years of practicing this great medicine.


  • 40+ years of practice
  • 30+ years teaching herbal medicine
  • Founder of China Herb Co. and Six Fishes Acupuncture
  • Founded 2 Chinese Herb Departments in nationally accredited schools
  • Author of TCM Case Studies: Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders
  • Original item writer for NCCAOM Herbology Exam

Course Objectives

The Mastering Clinical Herbology in the Age of Telehealth Course was created to keep acupuncture practices alive and resilient through any economic climate. Our secret weapon? The herbal knowledge you already have paired with a smarter way to practice herbology.

You’ll learn to:

  • Feel comfortable using your valuable herbal skills.
  • Develop keen inquiry and observation skills via telehealth.
  • Correctly diagnose any patient.
  • Select the best formula and correct dosage.
  • Expertly modify your formulas for transformative results.

China Herb Seminars was created to keep the legacy of East Asian Medicine alive in changing times.

We teach licensed acupuncturists how to use their herbal knowledge effectively so they can create a thriving practice and a healthier world.



Our Slow Diagnosis Method

Correct diagnosis is easy when we slow down. 

Sadly, many acupuncturists lack confidence in their ability to correctly diagnose, prescribe, and dose herbal formulas. To avoid failure, they shy away from using a modality that they are highly trained in - a modality that is telehealth ready!

With decades of experience teaching Chinese Herbology to acupuncturists, Cara is all too familiar with this crisis of herbal confidence. Anxiety hijacks the prefrontal cortex. All your training can go out the window in one fell swoop when you are anxious you’ll make the wrong decision. 

Getting a clear diagnosis starts by slowing down to speed up. Cara calls this process Slow Diagnosis. How do we know what we know? For sure? It’s easier than you think. 

This program gives you a simple method to deconstruct tricky cases to their core components. Since we can’t reach through the internet (yet) and feel pulses, the class will teach you the inquiry and observation tools to conduct successful inquiries in the age of telehealth.

Don’t let a lack of confidence in your herbal skills sabotage your practice.

Reconnect with the knowledge you already have, enhance your skills with a method that works, and grow your confidence to apply these skills to real-life patients online.