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  The Path to Creating a Robust, Living

Herbal Practice you can Grow With: 

Learn our method to confidently prescribe accurate and effective formulas. 

Scale your practice and help more people by deepening the skills you already have.

It starts by enrolling in the first series of four practical classes that focuses on common conditions
that practitioners see every day in clinical practice. 

9 PDAs per class NCCAOM and CA

Telehealth and Diagnosis Essentials

May 15th and 16th

The learning journey starts here with nuts and bolts business skills.

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Upper Respiratory Disorders 

Sept 18th and 19th

It's easy to treat acute and chronic upper respiratory conditions when you have a road map. 

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Resolving Digestive Complaints

October 16th and 17th

Virtually everyone suffers from digestive disorders. Weaving historical theories, we'll cover diseases from the top down.

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Gynecology Pearls

Dec 4th and 15th

East Asian Medicine is a gift to gynecology. This weekend will refine and clarify your capacity to understand and treat gynecological complaints.

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