Mastering Chinese Herbology 

Diagnosis & Treatment of
Upper Respiratory Diseases

8 credits per class NCCAOM & CA 


Master Chinese Herbal Medicine
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You can master herbal medicine. 

China Herb Seminars removes the obstacles to a thriving herbal practice by teaching you a time-tested methodology that any passionate herbalist can master. 

The Treatment of Upper Respiratory Disorders with Chinese Herbology

 Colds, Flu, Sinusitis and Cough.

This program is designed to clarify your diagnostic process and create
comfort selecting and modifying formulas.

Phlegm & Fluid

Accurate staging of URI's hinges on a grasp of the pathogenesis of phlegm diseases. Learn to dose chronic and acute conditions for optimal results. 

Allergies & Sinusitis

Shang Han and Wen Bing strategies as well as essential formulas to keep on hand to respond to colds, flu, epidemics, and all external pathogens, in the moment.

Cough & URI

Cara literally wrote the book on the topic. From allergies to deep nasal obstruction, learn the most effective strategies for one of the common complaints

Colds & Flu

Learn how with rapid response and proper dosing, most people can avoid antibiotics. We'll walk through key strategies for chronic and acute cough, emphasizing acute URI's 

Never second-guess your knowledge again. 

Develop lasting confidence in your diagnosis and Chinese herbal skills

with courses from China Herb Seminars.