Herbalists, the world needs
our help. 

Hi, I’m Cara Frank, an acupuncturist, herbalist, author, and founder of China Herb Co. After seeing the life-changing a robust herbal practice can be - both for patients and acupuncturists - I want you to feel as confident and empowered by Chinese Herbal Medicine as I do.

That’s why I created China Herb Seminars. It’s a legacy program that’s designed to help you become the best herbalist you can be. I'll be sharing all my knowledge from 40 years of practice, study, writing, and teaching so you can get better results and help more people heal.

Join me!

About Cara Frank

40 years of clinical practice 

30+ years teaching herbal medicine

Founder of China Herb Co. and Six Fishes Acupuncture

Creator of Six Fishes and Little Fishes Herb formulas

Twice published in the Journal of TCM

Founder of 2 Chinese Herb Departments in accredited schools

Author of TCM Case Studies: Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

Original item writer for NCCAOM Herbology Exam

Presenter at the Southwest Symposium

Presenter at the Shen Song Conference 

A lack of confidence is the biggest issue herbalists face. 

As an acupuncturist, giving on-target treatments that help people makes you feel alive. But when it comes to writing herbal formulas, all that confidence flies out the window. Anxiety clouds your clear thinking and you feel incapable of writing the right formula -
much less dosing it and modifying it. 



Here's what practitioners tell me
all the time:

  • Each patient seems like an enigma. Where do I even start?
  • Choosing the right formula takes too much time and effort.
  • Customizing is too complicated, it’s easier to just use patents. 
  • I’d rather play it safe than give the wrong formula. 

    All the years, intuition money, and energy you’ve spent learning herbs goes to waste until you have a system to use your herbal skills effectively.

That’s why we created China Herb Seminars.


So many, with 2+ years of herbal training and hundreds of clinical hours, still lacked the confidence in themselves to successfully manage patients with Chinese Herbal Formulas.

 In a time when our investment in an herbal education could have paid off
enormously, so many acupuncturists left it on the table. 
This broke my heart. 

They felt unable to translate these valuable skills to telehealth and their practices suffered. It was painful for me to see so many talented practitioners struggle during this time. I believe that every practitioner deserves the confidence to build a robust, pandemic-proof practice so they can continue to serve their community. To help, I’ve pulled on my decades of clinical and teaching experience to bring you a way to pandemic-proof your practice and help more people with the power of herbal medicine. 

Bottom Line: Chinese Herbal Medicine + Telehealth Gives Your Practice Options. 




Helping Herbalists Solve Herbal Puzzles for over 30 years

I believe that every practitioner deserves the confidence to build a robust, resilient practice so they can continue to serve their community successfully no matter what the future holds.

In my new mentorship program, we’ll use history, humor, and valuable clinical and teaching pearls from the past 40 years to help you grow a confident, successful herbal practice.

I'm here to feed your passion and curiosity about Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

I created China Herb Seminars to guide you to becoming a confident and effective herbalist.

I’ll walk you through a tried-and-true method for mastering herbal medicine and applying your knowledge to patients
- in-office or online. 



Our Slow Diagnosis Method

Correct diagnosis is easy when we slow down

Many acupuncturists suffer from what herbal expert and mentor
Cara Frank calls the “herbal confidence crisis.”  

You know the feeling - you know a patient needs herbs, but anxiety hijacks your prefrontal cortex, you feel overwhelmed with doubt, and all your training goes out the window in one fell swoop. 

Anxious you’ll make the wrong decision and diagnose, prescribe, or dose the herbal formula incorrectly, you shy away from using herbs entirely!

Don’t let the fear of formula failure stop you any longer!

The truth is, you are already highly trained in Chinese herbal medicine - a modality that offers incredible results for patients and practice success. 

But you don’t have a trusted method to diagnose and formulate herbs with confidence

Until Now.

Getting a clear diagnosis starts by slowing down to speed up. Cara calls this process Slow Diagnosis. It starts by asking, how do we know what we know? For sure? It’s easier than you think. 

This program gives you a simple method to deconstruct tricky cases to their core components - whether you practice in-office or via telehealth.