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Diagnosis is easy when we slow down

Don't let the fear of formula failure stop you any longer!

The truth is, you are already highly trained in Chinese herbal medicine - a modality that offers incredible results for patients and practice success. 

But you didn’t have a trusted method to diagnose and formulate herbs with confidence. 

Until now. Getting to a clear diagnosis starts by slowing down, learning to check in with your knowledge,  so you can speed up.

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I created my classes from a heartfelt mission:

You can master Chinese Herbal Medicine

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  • Cara Frank

    “Cara is an amazing teacher and practitioner. The fact that she is now available to teach online is a huge bonus to the acupuncture and herbs community. Her practical insights into how to navigate both treating patients and working in the current climate are invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with her in her mentorship program. My knowledge of herbs has grown exponentially since beginning classes with Cara and my comfort in diagnosing and recommending herbs to patients has as well.”

    Kirby Acupuncture

  • Cara Frank

    “Cara is an exceptional herbalist, a fantastic teacher, and a powerful businesswoman! She generously shares her knowledge and wisdom on creating and modifying herbal formulas to help acupuncturists have a greater impact on their patients. I highly recommend her classes if you’re looking to level up your practice with custom herbal formulas.”

    The Center for Acupuncture Pediatrics

  • Cara Frank

    “Focused, straight forward, organized and practical methodology are what Cara Frank delivers to her herbology students. The methods she teaches are immediately applicable to clinical practice. Five out of five stars. Highly recommend! ”

    Chinese Herbalist, Educator

  • Cara Frank

    “Cara taught me a logical and defendable way to approach diagnosis and the prescribing of Chinese herbs. She taught me how to zero in on the patient's pattern using my foundation: 8 parameters, Qi and Blood, zang-fu, channels, 4 levels, 3 burners, etc. She taught me to unpack the formulas in the same way. The approach Cara takes with herbs is holistic. I learned to see both sides of the equation: patient=specific formula. The patient's pattern is represented in a specific formula; the formula represents a specific patient. I am grateful to Cara for her ability to translate her profound expertise to any student fortunate enough to be under her guidance. ”

    Casco Bay Acupuncture

  • Cara Frank

    “Cara Frank is passionate, dedicated, and the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine. She goes far beyond the rote memorization of herbs and formulas, rather, she is most interested in finding out how her students think. Students are expected to come to her having done their work so she can help them fine-tune their thinking about what they know. She wants her students to leave her secure in their ability to break down any question into its smallest components and build workable strategies to successfully treat their patients. Bring Cara your best and you will have a powerful advocate who will support you for the rest of your career.”

    Graduate of the Won Institute for Graduate Studies Chinese Herbal Program, 2018

  • Cara Frank

    “Practicing Chinese herbs can be intimidating. Cara helps makes it much more accessible. And fun. Her classes are incredibly organized and thoughtful with tons of real-life clinical applications that helped me not just learn the material, but also think more like an herbalist...the small group mentoring provided a great follow up to the seminar series, but is also a valuable standalone opportunity to have Cara’s personal attention on the individual cases and clinic questions that had me stumped. Her passion for East Asian medicine and supporting others to grow in this profession makes studying with her one of the best investments I have made in my practice.”

  • Cara Frank

    “Cara is a highly knowledgeable, practical, and down-to-earth teacher and mentor. I found that her seminars were very informative. She was very clear and thorough with presenting different topics. She is also very generous with information about answering virtually any topic. It has really informed the way that I prescribe formulas.

    Having small group mentoring was also very useful to help with case review and analyzing patterns and the appropriate formulas that would fit the patient's case. Cara is very approachable and down-to-earth. I really felt supported by her and she was really invested in seeing us all succeed in clinical practice...The small group sessions will give you very useful information, great insights, clinical pearls, and practical advice you can use right away in the clinic. ”

    Little Sage Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

  • Cara Frank

    “Cara is an exceptional herbalist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, and I feel fortunate to be able to study with her. She is highly dedicated to her students and mentees, and readily shares so many valuable resources and information that she has acquired and also developed herself over the years. I highly recommend Cara’s seminars to others.”

    Virginia University of Integrative Medicine