Never second-guess your knowledge again. 


Develop lasting confidence in your diagnosis and Chinese herbal skills

with courses from China Herb Seminars. 


Grow Your Ability to Diagnose Complex Cases 

Deepen Your Herb Skills.  Serve a Wider Community 



Deepen Your Herb Skills
Master Complex Diagnosis
Serve a Wider Community

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A lack of confidence is the biggest issue herbalists face. 

As an acupuncturist, giving on-target treatments that help people makes you feel alive. But when it comes to writing herbal formulas, all that confidence flies out the window. Anxiety clouds your clear thinking and you feel incapable of writing the right formula -
much less dosing it and modifying it. 

Here's what practitioners tell me all the time:

Each patient seems like an enigma. Where do I even start?

Choosing the right formula takes too much time and effort.

Customizing is too complicated, it’s easier to just use patents. 

I’d rather play it safe than give the wrong formula. 

 All the years, intuition money, and energy you’ve spent learning herbs goes to waste until you have a system to use your herbal skills effectively.

That’s why we created China Herb Seminars.

  The Path to Creating a Robust, Living

Herbal Practice you can Grow With: 

Learn our method to confidently prescribe accurate and effective formulas. 

Scale your practice and help more people by deepening the skills you already have.

It starts by enrolling in the first series of four practical classes that focuses on common conditions
that practitioners see every day in clinical practice. 

9 PDA's per class (NCCAOM and CA) 

 Telehealth and Diagnosis Essentials

May 15th-16th

The learning journey starts here with nuts and bolts business skills.

  1. The next step is telehealth literacy: dial in your your visual and inquiry skills to diagnose.
  2. Learn dosing parameters.
  3. Finally, learn to unpack complex cases with thoughtful clinical reasoning.

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Upper Respiratory Disorders

September 18th-19th

It's easy to treat acute and chronic upper respiratory conditions when you have a road map. 

  1. A deep dive into phlegm pathology and channels.  
  2. Comprehensive strategies for sinus conditions and cough
  3. Dosing for success for acute and chronic conditions

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Resolving Digestive Complaints

October 16th-17th

Virtually everyone suffers from digestive disorders. Weaving historical theories, we'll cover diseases from the top down.

  1. Gain deep insight into qi dynamics and directionality when creating formulas
  2. Learn to manage and resolve GERD, regardless of the root cause.
  3. Treat Bowel and Gall-Bladders diseases with a range of etiologies

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Gynecology Pearls

December 4th-5th

East Asian Medicine is a gift to gynecology. This weekend will refine and clarify your capacity to understand and treat gynecological complaints.

  1. We'll review female physiology and blood pathophysiology.
  2. Meet Cara’s favorite historical physicians: Fu Qing Zhu and Xue Ji.
  3. Learn simple strategies to support reproductive health.                      

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You can master herbal medicine. 

China Herb Seminars removes the obstacles to a thriving herbal practice by teaching you a time-tested methodology that any passionate herbalist can master. 

Most acupuncturists failed to use their greatest
asset to thrive during the pandemic.

The pandemic confronted practitioners with a harsh reality: Acupuncture is a physical medicine that requires one-on-one care. Without skills that easily translate to telehealth, many acupuncturists suffered severe economic losses. Some even closed their practices.

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine is the most reliable asset to future-proof your acupuncture practice.
  • How different would this past year have been if you knew how to smoothly transition your practice to herbal telehealth? 
  • The good news is that East Asian herbal medicine is already telehealth-ready! In fact, we can’t afford not to translate our herbal knowledge and skill set to an online offering.
  • Even as offices re-open, intakes on Telehealth is the most dependable way to conduct intakes thoughtfully. 

Telehealth is here to stay. You need to expand your toolbox to 
successfully work with patients online.

Our course teaches you how to diversify and protect your practice with
strong herbal Telehealth skills.


Our Slow Diagnosis Method

Correct diagnosis is easy when we slow down. 

Sadly, many acupuncturists lack confidence in their ability to correctly diagnose, prescribe, and dose herbal formulas. To avoid failure, they shy away from using a modality that they are highly trained in - a modality that is telehealth ready!

With decades of experience teaching Chinese Herbology to acupuncturists, Cara is all too familiar with this crisis of herbal confidence. Anxiety hijacks the prefrontal cortex. All your training can go out the window in one fell swoop when you are anxious you’ll make the wrong decision. 

Getting a clear diagnosis starts by slowing down to speed up. Cara calls this process Slow Diagnosis. How do we know what we know? For sure? It’s easier than you think. 

This program gives you a simple method to deconstruct tricky cases to their core components. Since we can’t reach through the internet (yet) and feel pulses, the class will teach you the inquiry and observation tools to conduct successful inquiries in the age of telehealth.


  • Cara Frank

    “Cara is an amazing teacher and practitioner. The fact that she is now available to teach online is a huge bonus to the acupuncture and herbs community. Her practical insights into how to navigate both treating patients and working in the current climate are invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with her in her mentorship program. My knowledge of herbs has grown exponentially since beginning classes with Cara and my comfort in diagnosing and recommending herbs to patients has as well.”

    Kirby Acupuncture

  • Cara Frank

    “Cara is an exceptional herbalist, a fantastic teacher, and a powerful businesswoman! She generously shares her knowledge and wisdom on creating and modifying herbal formulas to help acupuncturists have a greater impact on their patients. I highly recommend her classes if you’re looking to level up your practice with custom herbal formulas.”

    The Center for Acupuncture Pediatrics

  • Cara Frank

    “Focused, straight forward, organized and practical methodology are what Cara Frank delivers to her herbology students. The methods she teaches are immediately applicable to clinical practice. Five out of five stars. Highly recommend! ”

    Chinese Herbalist, Educator

  • Cara Frank

    "Cara taught me a logical and defendable way to approach diagnosis and the prescribing of Chinese herbs. She taught me how to zero in on the patient's pattern using my foundation: 8 parameters, Qi and Blood, zang-fu, channels, 4 levels, 3 burners, etc. She taught me to unpack the formulas in the same way. The approach Cara takes with herbs is holistic. I learned to see both sides of the equation: patient=specific formula. The patients' pattern is represented in a specific formula; the formula represents a specific patient. I am grateful to Cara for her ability to translate her profound expertise to any student fortunate enough to be under her guidance. "”

    Casco Bay Acupuncture