Ear infections are one of the most common complaints in a pediatric practice affecting millions of children annually.

This lecture provides detailed diagnosis and treatments for acute both acute and chronic otitis media.

The content of this lecture is not limited to pediatrics, as this impacts adults as well.

Learn from subject matter expert Cara O. Frank, the co-author of Case Studies: Eye Ear Nose and

Throat Disorders. You’re promised a greater depth of knowledge than can be found elsewhere



100% of children with develop a fever. While colds and fevers in adults and children overlap, treating children requires specific strategies and creates an opportunity for new strategies.

Learn to interpret the nature, progression and resolution of exterior pathogens. 

Gain mastery of mixed excessive and deficient patterns concerning these diseases.

Learn internal and externally applied formulas to treat colds and fevers.

Manage treat common co-factors and complications. Learn to prevent latent pathogens.



Belly aches! Pooping Problems! Picky eaters! So many children suffer from digestive disorders. This lecture will cover four topics that are commonly encountered in pediatric clinical practice.

Starting with an overview of healthy digestion and differentiation between children and adults, then diving into in-depth discussion of patterns, strategies and topical and internal formulas for treating these disorders. Common western medical diagnosis as well as red flags will be covered.

  • Stomach and Epigastric Pain:
  • Poor appetite and malnutrition
  • Food Stagnation
  • Diarrhea and loose stools
  • Constipation.

4 CEU's

Covering three eye conditions that commonly affect both children and adults: Hordeola (styes) and Blunt Trauma to the Eye Socket (black eyes). 

This highly practical lecture will cover 3 distinct branches of conjunctivitis: 

  • Acute Bacterial and Viral Conjunctivitis, 
  • Chronic Conjunctivitis 
  • Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis- (A fancy name for springtime allergies that cause red-eyes.)

16 PDA's NCCAOM and CA


All 4 courses are essential if you want to treat kids in your clinic successfully. That’s why we’re offering a special offer when you purchase all 4 courses together. 

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✔️Digestible format

✔️16 Total CEU Credits  

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Understanding formula construction and herbal relationships is a key part of writing formulas with confidence. In this series of easy, one-hour classes you’ll learn to contextualize small formulas and herbal relationships. This lecture will cover the foundational formula for Phlegm Damp: Er Chen Tang: 2 Aged Decoction. The formula is used as a stand-alone treatment, however it’s components are included in dozens for traditional formulas. We’ll learn the history of the formula and learn to identify it within other formulas including Ping Wei San, Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San, Xing Su San, Wu Ji San and more.


Red River: Flowing Along the Path of Si Wu Tang: A timeline of the development of Si Wu Tang

Understanding EAM herbal formula construction is a foundational building block for learning to write formulas effectively. In Red River: Flowing Along the Path of Si Wu Tang, you'll learn the timeline of the development and use of Si Wu Tang Family Formulas, and all my clinical pearls on the classic formula, as well as the intriguing use of this formula throughout history.

We’ll cover: 
• A timeline of the formula (there’s some real surprises here!)
• Why Si Wu Tang is so powerful for women’s health
• When to use this formula
• How Si Wu Tang was modified throughout history
• Li Dong-yuan’s seasonal modifications
  • Tips for dosing


China Herb Seminars removes the obstacles to a thriving herbal practice by teaching you a time-tested methodology that any passionate herbalist can master. 

Grow Your Ability to Diagnose Complex Cases. Deepen You Herb Skills. Serve a Wider Community.



Telehealth Literacy and Diagnosis Essentials


Learn the foundations of running a successful telehealth practice. Whether you plan to fully pivot your practice, or create a hybrid model, this course will cover everything you need to get it set up.  

We’ll go over basic set-up: from HIPAA compliant platforms, good lighting and being zoom ready. We’ll cover legal and insurance concerns. 

But most important: Telehealth is not like a face to face intake: To do it well you need to adapt. Hone your inquiry and observational skills and build confidence in yourself to help people in a meaningful and effective way.

Learn a process to slow your thinking, unpack complex cases to diagnose patients, write formulas with confidence and modify them so they’re spot on

My slow diagnosis method is a step by step process to deconstruct tricky cases to their core components to eliminate confusion. 


A transformative investment for your personal journey as a practicing herbalist. 

Dive deeper into theory, formulas, or practice management. 


Get Unstuck

We'll have plenty of time to work through a single case or practice management issue. 

Get personalized attention to get your skills and confidence to the next level.


A great option to get guidance through a process: 

Imagine getting support from the beginning to end of diagnosis, treatment strategy, formula and modifications. Get feedback and input on your website, branding, and business strategy.

Get personalized attention to get your skills and confidence to the next level.