Master Chinese Herbal Medicine
Deepen Your Herb Skills
Serve a Wider Community

This weekend will focus on the foundations of running a successful telehealth practice.

We’ll go over basic set-up: from HIPAA compliant platforms, good lighting and being zoom ready.

We’ll hone our inquiry and observational skills and build confidence in your herbal
skills to help people in a meaningful and effective way.

Telehealth is here to stay. 

Learn how to diversify and protect your practice with strong herbal skills and
practical steps to set up your telehealth practice.


Legal, Logistical concerns and trip-ups, Platforms, Web-side manner, record keeping, follow up care and treatment plans. choosing Vendors

Inquiry Skills

Asking and Observing. detailed tongue and facial diagnosis. Assessing Shen, creating rapport

Dosing and Taking

Dosing for acute and chronic conditions, dosing for large for small people. Administirion of different kinds of herbs and gaining insight into a formulas action by the dosage. 

Slow diagnosis

We need to slow down to speed up. Gathering and sorting through a patients' intake with a clear methodology to guide you from confusion to clarity to precise formula selection and modification.  


Most acupuncturists failed to use their greatest asset to thrive during the pandemic.

The pandemic confronted practitioners with a harsh reality: Acupuncture is a physical medicine that requires one-on-one care. Without skills that easily translate to telehealth, many acupuncturists suffered severe economic losses. Some even closed their practices.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the most reliable asset to future-proof your acupuncture practice.

How different would this past year have been if you knew how to smoothly
transition your practice to herbal telehealth? 

The good news is that East Asian herbal medicine is already telehealth-ready! In fact, we can’t afford not to translate our herbal knowledge and skillset to an online offering.

Telehealth is the most dependable way to thoughtfully conduct intakes, even if you maintain your in-office practice.