Mastering Modern Chinese Herbology

Confidence in Herbal Diagnosis Series

Week 3: Resolving Digestive Complaints

October 16th & 17th

9 credits per class NCCAOM & CA 


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GI disorders are among the most common complaints
we encounter in the clinic.

Chinese Herbology has a wealth of solutions for a spectrum of digestive disorders Folding in concepts from Li Dong-yuan, the SHL and TCM, we’ll learn key questions and visual cues to make an accurate assessment and treatment plan. Formulas and modifications will be discussed in detail. Case studies are used throughout to illustrate how to help these patients.

Stomach As Whole

Chinese Herbology has a wealth of historical solutions for reflux, gastritis, peptic ulcers, Diarrhea, IBS/IBD: Crohn’s, Colitis, Constipation and more.

Li Dong Yuan & Qi Dynamics

Students will learn how to select and modify formulas for the optimum clinical results

Students will learn nuances of dosing for chronic digestive disorders


We will learn how to assess upper GI disorders including reflux, gastritis, peptic ulcers and slow gastric emptying.

Diarrhea & Colitis

Students will learn to help complex gut disorders including Diarrhea, IBS/IBD: Crohn’s, Colitis, Constipation

Never second-guess your knowledge again. 

Develop lasting confidence in your diagnosis and Chinese herbal skills

with courses from China Herb Seminars.