Treating pediatric conditions may seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a solid approach to diagnosis and formulation.

Parents hate giving kids antibiotics. And most often- they won't have to- if you are their resource for family wellness. You don't even need to specialize in Pediatrics.

Whether you currently treat kids in your practice, or you want to treat more kids, this series will help you step up as a TCM pediatric specialist.

Having  a solid grounding in these basic diseases creates a whole pipeline of patients you can help. Remember- You're already treating their parents!

East Asian Herbal Medicine offers sensible and effective treatments that I can teach you. 

Why Take  this Series? 

Because I literally wrote the book! 

Hi, I'm Cara Frank; Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Author of TCM Case Studies: Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders. I've written, studied and taught these topics for decades. 

This BRAND NEW Series will guide you to feel confident in the clinic when working with kids. 

Using my methodology of slower thinking (you can only speed up when you slow down) and deep knowledge of pattern recognition, formula construction and herbal relationships, you'll feel empowered to treat patients, with confidence.

Why Else?  My classes are practicalI've been in practice for 40 years and I share all my clinical pearls. 

I bet you have questions!

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

I Don't Treat a Lot of Kids, Why Would These Classes Be Helpful?

Guess what? Neither do I! Most of my practice is adults. Here's a couple of solid reasons:

  • The Otitis and Conjunctivitis are topics that are completely applicable to adults.
  • It includes a unique formula for aerophony: the painful ear congestion you get from airplane pressure. 
  • You have kids and you wish you could figure out how to help them.
  • All those grown-up patients- most of them have kids. They're already sold on Chinese Medicine. 

I'm only interested in a couple of classes: Do I need to enroll in the whole series?

Not at all. You can pick and choose. But when you get the bundle here's what you get:

  • A big discount, so one class is practically free
  • A bonus free 1-credit lecture 
  • Zoom roundtables for help with cases
  • 10% off China Herb Purchases for the duration of the class. 

I can't make all the classes live. Can I watch them later?

Yes! Each class is approved as both a live webinar and also distance learning. The only difference is that for the latter you need to take a short quiz. 

I feel like I'm too much of a beginner. I'm worried I'll be lost

If you've graduated from an herb program, then I am your sherpa. I'm going to help break down symptoms that confuse you and walk you through your diagnosis and formula selection.

I've been practicing for years. What will I gain from your courses?

One great joy of our profession is learning from each other. Experienced teachers each have a singular voice. My classes and teaching are grounded in 40 years of clinical experience. I've been passionate about Chinese Herbal Medicine since I studied in China in 1988. I have the long view 30 years of Teaching, 2 Nationally Accredited Herb programs. And I love to bring in humor.