Unpacking Formulas Series


Understanding formula construction and herbal relationships is a key part of writing formulas with confidence. In this series of easy, one-hour classes you’ll learn to contextualize small formulas and herbal relationships. This lecture will cover the foundational formula for Phlegm Damp: Er Chen Tang: 2 Aged Decoction. The formula is used as a stand-alone treatment, however it’s components are included in dozens for traditional formulas. We’ll learn the history of the formula and learn to identify it within other formulas including Ping Wei San, Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San, Xing Su San, Wu Ji San and more.


Red River: Flowing Along the Path of Si Wu Tang: A timeline of the development of Si Wu Tang

Understanding EAM herbal formula construction is a foundational building block for learning to write formulas effectively. In Red River: Flowing Along the Path of Si Wu Tang, you'll learn the timeline of the development and use of Si Wu Tang Family Formulas, and all my clinical pearls on the classic formula, as well as the intriguing use of this formula throughout history.

We’ll cover: 
• A timeline of the formula (there’s some real surprises here!)
• Why Si Wu Tang is so powerful for women’s health
• When to use this formula
• How Si Wu Tang was modified throughout history
• Li Dong-yuan’s seasonal modifications
  • Tips for dosing

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Zeng Ye Tang

Zeng Ye Tang- Humor Increasing Decoction is a Wen Bing Formula with 3 herbs: Sheng Di Huang, Mai Men Dong and Xuan Shen.

We’ll analyze the formula construction, how it’s different from other yin supplementing formulas and Then we’ll look at the myriad formulas that include this combination. You’ll learn that this trio was used included in formulas centuries earlier.


Constructing formulas, determining the dosage, modifying these are perennial pain-points for herbalists.

This lecture breaks down, in detail, how to approach a formula. With numerous examples from Classical Formulas and currents of thought, dosing and proportions are spelled out.

Dosing for granules, tinctures and raw formulas as well as pediatric and geriatric dosing are discussed.